A letter to Business owners wanting to take their business to the next level…

“The Astonishing Growth Secrets To The Most Successful Business In The World!”

Learn To Fix This 1 Mistake with Digital Strategy And Your Sales Will Curl Up…

The mistake happens early on a normal morning. You wake up, mender to your computer, and plug away at emails. You help a few customers with orders, reach out to a supplier, and check your Facebook marketing.

You know your store could do more than what it does, but growing it feels like driving down a dark road with no lights, no signs, and no map.

The biggest barrier blocking you from rapid growth is your confusion of what to do. You have a juggernaut list from product sourcing, shipping, website designs, customer orders, blogging, competitions, Facebook… It goes on.

That is a lot of stress to bare on your shoulders. And to make matters more difficult, you have to try new things otherwise you will always get what you always got. You then waste money on new features, apps, and advertising that don’t build profit.



It’s Time To Stop Flying Blind – And Laser-Target Your Profits

While optimizing business strategies across the World, I continually see 20% of activities bring in 80% of the store’s profit. The challenge for you is doing what matters most – and doing it the right way – to hit white hot records month-after-month.

Do you want to go through the worry of figuring out how to grow your store yourself? I see store owners frequently frustrated in trying one thing here and another thing there only to get a trickle of sales.

I think you could grind it out yourself and learn all the ways to get more people to your store, get more of them to buy, and get more of your buyers to buy more. A lot of people have done it in one to two years.

The problem is every day your store under-performs is another day you miss sales.

Time and effectiveness are your two most important factors in online media. Let me save you years of struggle and missed profit.

My name is Kevin Vieira and I am the Head of Strategy for many stores and businesses across the nation. I live in Boston, MA and help businesses get more sales and increase business. That’s all I do, so yeah, I’m good at it.

The growth strategy service I provide shows you how to make your store all that can it be.

In your growth strategy report I will put together for you, I review everything about your store that affects sales then give you the sequence to get more visitors, buyers, and profit. It is entirely customized and actionable.

You Get An Elite Action Plan To Increase Store Profits Every Month

How would you feel if you knew with 100% certainty that everything you did will increase your online store’s profit? You would relax, spend time on other activities you love, and enjoy what you do. That’s the smooth result of my growth report for you.

You’ll discover what your store needs to dominate Google organic search for boatloads of free visitors, the biggest leaks in your store’s design that throw away sales, and receive simple strategies to acquire more of your most profitable buyers.

You can’t take your rankings, fans, and bounce-rates to the bank. I’ll get you money; not primarily rankings, lower bounce-rates, or social media fans. I don’t care about useless metrics because what matters is your profit.

6 Steps To Growth-Hacking Your Online Store

The process you get working with me is not a little thing you try. You don’t reach $1 million in sales by tinkering the store or testing fly-by tricks. Double-digit improvements are the norm from the eCommerce marketing methodology that requires hard work. Some eCommerce businesses are loving triple-digit (300%) jumps using this strategy:

Step 1. Rules of the Game


You have preconceived ideas about why your company isn’t where it should be. I take what you assume is the problem at face value because I rely on evidence over theory.

I understand your vision, key metrics, and agreed upon goal then set out to discover why your store under-performs. Our rules of the game are now established.

A simple mind-trick to initiate this process is to get out of your marketing head and become a customer. Ego, costs, and prior efforts get in the way of doing what really matters in your ecommerce marketing plan.

I look at your entire marketing process, particularly every touch-point and opportunity, to grow your online store.

Step 2. Traffic Analysis

Where do your visitors come from, what are they searching, and does your offer match their search? You can have all the visitors in the world, but unless they want to buy or you have a marketing funnel to take someone from the research stage to purchase, you have achieved nothing.

You shouldn’t care about extra visitors unless they convert into real dollars. It’s not about traffic, but the right kind of traffic.

I use a variety of analytical methods to deduce the quality of traffic, who are your most important segments to focus on for growth, and where you need to be to get more of the right people who beg to buy what you sell.

Step 3. Visitor Analysis

Traffic analysis looked at visitors before they arrived at your site. Visitor analysis looks at the people on your site.

I compare the behavioral differences of people who buy and those who do not. Why do people buy from you? What type of people abandon at checkout? How do the intentions of people who buy differ to those who do not buy?

Visitors vary in types and intentions. Deliver the right kind of content with a suited call-to-action. A straight-up request for purchase is not always the best option.

Step 4. Market Analysis

What do your competitors do well? Who are the authorities in your market? Why do people choose you over competitors?

The best step to implement at this stage is capturing the voice of your visitors with simple surveys and reading prospect questions to discover their objections about buying from you. I’ll show you how.

Companies make the mistake of blindly following what competitors do thinking their actions must be an effective strategy to follow.

Deduce the threats in your market, the opportunities, and what relationships present power for your company. No company is an island. You’ll learn how to position your store to get attention.

Step 5. Traffic Scaling

The exact traffic-getting methods vary between every store. For you, it could include PPC, SEO, social media, blogging, outreach, channel expansion, public relations, or video.

You get the extract traffic methods to grow without spreading marketing efforts thin.

I review your existing marketing, show you how to turn it around into growth, and tell you what to do to reach the profit you want.


6. Conversion OptimisationStep 6. Conversion Optimization

Learn what you need to do to make people buy from you instead of competitors. I also discover choke points like page load-time, navigation, cross-browser compatibility, usability and more. I don’t push a particular layout, button color, or magic word onto your site. This is shallow missing what nets you bank-building profits.

Email marketing fits in here too because not everyone is ready to buy the first time. I look at your full email marketing strategy and layout a clear plan that automatically helps you acquire more sales from your visitors.

Conversion optimization is slow and a waste of time without the first five steps. You need to understand:

  1. where people come from
  2. who they are
  3. what they want
  4. how you can best match your visitor’s desire

That’s The Method To Rapid Growth,
What Exactly Do You Get?

Rules of the game is done with a kick-off, in-depth questionnaire to understand unique things about your business like profit margins and what will make this project a success for you.

Traffic, visitor, and market analysis is done to identify the truth about why you’re not growing. For example, you may have a couple of backlinks pointing to your site that have resulted in an SEO penalty.

I then pull out the most important ways your store can improve conversions describing exactly what you need to turn more visitors into buyers. You get a report and any accompanying materials of the major areas to increase sales based on analytics and my time-tested experience.

I run through the six-step process to compile a comprehensive strategy document with supporting materials, for a clear plan to rapid growth. It is anywhere from 30-45 pages. Once you go over the report, you can ask any remaining burning question to guarantee everything you wanted to know about your store is answered.

The plan is not a cheesy way to get you on my other marketing services. I’m confident you will want me to implement the findings from the strategy audit (so I include clear costs), but you’re able to follow the growth report yourself. The document is your fully customized in-depth profit plan for your business.

Best of all, you’ll learn what to focus on right now to immediately increase sales then proceed with the next most important step.

How To Know If This Is Right For You

It’s perfect for you if:

  1. You have an existing business
  2. You want an exact plan to grow
  3. You want to work with a marketing expert who will advise you on everything
  4. You have between $1k-100k sales per month
  5. Profit is your primary goal over fancy web effects and low-value metrics like social media followers



We’re so confident in this strategy, we’ll give you 4 months (120 days) to see measurable results in your business. If for whatever reason you follow my best practices and still don’t close more sales or get new customers, not only would I be completely shocked and amazed, but I’ll also refund your investment into this strategy within reasonable practice. My programs are uniquely designed to walk anyone through the steps of creating and scaling success with any store.




This strategy service is not for everyone so it’s okay to say no.

Meet the criteria? You’ll be happy to hear your growth plan costs a low one-off payment of $1697. No hidden fees or changing price.

If this investment makes you feel uncomfortable, I suggest you keep on learning from my newsletter and working on the store yourself. If it’s within your budget, you’re interested in working with an expert, and you want more profit now, let’s take the next step.

I guarantee you’ll be stunned at the raw insights to finally run the successful store you’ve dreamed of.

Ready To Increase Your Business?

I only take on three new stores per month. Let me become your secret weapon.

The new store growth strategy is recommend for those who have yet to launch or who get little traffic (less than 2,000 visitors a month).



It’s simple. You will be convinced your store will grow otherwise I’ll refund all your money.

Yes, this guarantee is real. The money-back guarantee is genuine and my way to alleviate risk for you and show confidence in what I do. At the same time, I ask you to be genuine and responsive in communication.

No one yet has requested a refund because what you get is devastatingly effective.

A difficult question to answer, but one I’ll tackle. The size of your improvements depends on your market size, your competitors, and how much of the plan you actually implement.

A lot of stores doing $5-$10k a month can triple their sales and profit after 6 months. Stores with higher volume tend to do more things right. For them triple figure improvements are rare.

These are not guarantees of what you will get, but merely indications of potential results. The underlying variable of your store’s growth is intelligent effort. How hard will you work at doing the right things laid out in the report to grow? Sadly I’ve done a growth report for one store who did nothing with the report. They did not grow. Other stores have meticulously worked through everything and achieved profit jumps straight away that continue for months.

Everything from beginning to end is about your store. You learn all the flaws and opportunities that I see.

It takes a lot of time to put together, but it’s probably the first time you’ll work with me so I’m investing in building a long-term relationship with you to grow your store together.

It depends where you are now, compared to how much opportunity there is for the store. The first growth report I did was in mid-2015. I am still working with the client who has a team with him. One year later he said that now he’s ready for another step.

Some changes you will want to make straight away. I identify the low-hanging fruit for you to immediately cut costs and get quick sales. There are things you will never complete 100% because they are a method and strategy to constantly follow.

I only work with specific businesses. It’s one of reasons I can be confident about increasing your sales. I do not work on stores that promote gambling, pharmaceuticals, or offensive content.