A seasonal small side-project I started in Q4 of 2016, the purpose of this project was to create an eCommerce store that automatically fulfilled orders and shipped internationally from the comfort of my home.

I used industry tools to automate marketing channels like email and social media. 100% of our traffic was generated through social media awareness on average 4500 unique visitors every month without spending a single dime. Utilizing existing skills like Web design, social media management, software automation, and a strong enough personal brand to sell this to my with my existing influence. The CONCXRD brand became a staple of what I representing, which is being a young, self driven, hungry entrepreneur which became a perfect opportunity to transition to a Marketing agency to represent my existing clients across the world.

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2. Kastia

Kastia-logoKastia, inc is a video game brand recognized internationally for hosting game servers and events.

A software based development company acquired by my team late 2014 Kastia, a unique and time sensitive opportunity I feared of missing out on. Company acquisition wasn't measured for valuation but it was a sizable contract for obtaining all intellectual property company held. Just a few months thereafter under my strategic leadership it generated sustainable revenue from donations for virtual items that were created incentive based in-game in August to December of 2014.

Watch the Kastia animated trailer


3. Defib Recordings

defibrecords-logoDefib Recordings was an indie electronic dance music distributor and publisher.

The name Defib derives from the electric shock apparatus used to control heart fibrillation. Fifteen edm specialized artists handpicked from around the world being streamed on over three hundred distribution channels including public radio. The popular demographic was from USA, but also countries like Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, and Norway. The most popular distribution channels were Spotify (80%), iTunes (13%), and Beatport (7%) with 1,376,157 downloads with 6 exclusive releases.

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4. Freedom!

mcnfreedomFreedom MCN (multi-channel-network) grew to the largest network of content creators led by George Vanous in just two years in a saturated market of video.

George Vanous, the CEO after selling TGN to BroadbandTV in 2012, he founded Freedom! in December of 2013 and grew it from 0 to 10 million in 5 months, less than half the time it took to grow TGN. How? The network witnessed incredible growth by pioneering a "no lock-in contract for everybody" model and a family-oriented community on YouTube in cumulative net revenue over 60 million dollars in the last three years by YouTube adshare and DailyMotion.

Read about the Freedom! acqusition by AID Partners


Previous Projects

  • Crew Cross, a social app that helps you mingle and meet new people.
  • Harvard Business School, marketing consulting for digital strategies.
  • Elite Graduates Club, learn standardized testing for ivy league graduate programs.
  • + a lot of other failed businesses.